Sustainable African Hardwoods
With sustainability at heart, we grow to save the Mozambican forests
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Harvested with care from a sustainable managed forests in Mozambique, we offer a range of unique and beautiful african hardwoods

Brachystegia spiciformis

Widely spread in our concession Msasa can be used as a replacement for oak in a variety of products. Flooring and panelling are suitable uses for the honey coloured heartwood.


Julbernardia globiflora

Red Msasa has very characteristic contrasted bands crossing through the grain. Popular for turning, because of the beautiful colours and exotic look.

Amblygonocarpus andongensis

Banga Wanga is an extremely hard and resistant dark specie, suitable for turning, decking and cabinetry. 

Cleistanthus schlechteri

N'cua has an amazing dark reddish colour and it is extremely durable. It shows a living cathedral grain pattern that responds very well to all finishing treatments. 

Burkea africana

Wild syringa is extremely hard and resistant wood, varying from deep red in the color to yellow brown. It is a solid wood well adapted for outdoors conditions.

Erythrophleum suaveolens

Locally called Missanda and widely known as Tali, it can be used as a substitute for Azobe (Lophira alata). Exceptional good for resistant carpentry works, aquatic applications and it makes an excellent decking.

Millettia stuhlmannii

The exotic looking accentuated grain pattern is well known across the world. Panga panga is closely related to the coarser grained Wenge and is highly priced in the luxury furniture industry, and also used for turning blanks, trinkets and other high end uses.

Pterocarpus angolensis

Known as wild teak, is one of the most highly demanded timber species in Southern Africa. The heartwood makes for high-quality furniture, as it is easily worked and takes a fine polish. Engraving results becomes at its sharpest.

Afzelia quanzensis

Chanfuta oxidises from a fresh cut yellow to a deep red. The wood is dense, stable and transforms easily. It is closely related to the well known Doussie and is highly priced all across Africa. Fine carpentry and flooring are common uses.

Breonadia microcephala

From the same family as the Quinine tree, Mugonha has an intense, musty and almost smokey fragrance. The wood is oily with a beautiful yellow striped grain, and has had multiple traditional uses. 

Spirostachys africana

Our most priced wood, with almost magical reputation. African sandalwood is hard as iron, with the most beautiful pattern and a fragrance that anyone would remember.

"The forests are the lungs of our world. The future of the planet concerns all of us, and all of us should do what we can to protect it."


Being the only FSC certified actor in the native timber industry in Mozambique, we sustainably manage 46.000 ha of Miombo woodlands. Fire protection programs, ranger patrols and wildlife camera surveillance are some of the measures undertaken to ensure the perpetuation of a small paradise in Southern Africa.