Levasflor is a Swedish owned, Mozambican Forestry Company with a 15-year history operating in the Sofala province. With a forest concession of 46 000 hectares (114 000 Acres) of Miombo woodlands and 180 employees, we are the only FSC certified company in the Mozambican natural timber industry that holds a certificate in Forest management. We deliver all kinds of sustainable wooden products to primarily local market.

LevasFlor management principles guarantees a sustainable forest management and fair salaries and conditions for all workers.

In 2014 Levasflor received the award “Best PME” (small to medium size company) in the country, due to our focus on sustainable practices, social commitment and well functioning structure.

Levasflor is annually being audited by a third party auditor to guarantee our compliances with local laws and aspired standards. Over the years we have been working with Ernst & Young, KPMG and Grant Thornton.