Responsible forestry in Mozambique

At LevasFlor, we take pride in our role as pioneers of sustainable and responsible forestry in Mozambique. Since our inception in 2005, we have been steadfast in our commitment to responsible forest management and environmental stewardship.

Here’s what sets us apart

FSC® Certification

With FSC® 100% Certified for both Forest Management and Chain of Custody, we ensure that every aspect of our operations meets rigorous environmental, social, and economic criteria. We go beyond mere compliance with environmental regulations, actively contributing to forest restoration and carbon capture efforts. Our reforestation initiatives, comprehensive fire protection programs, and dedicated team of rangers exemplify our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Digital Traceability

We employ a digital traceability system to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of timber tracking. Beginning with meticulous tree mapping during the planning phase, our inventory teams ensure comprehensive coverage of the upcoming operating block. This information seamlessly flows through to our harvesting teams and onward to the sawmill for log processing.


Despite facing financial constraints since the very beginning due to limited interest and awareness of certified timber within the local and regional market, LevasFlor has made significant strides. We have increased our workforce, forged new partnerships with various organizations, intensified our efforts in forest restoration, and expanded our community development programs. Additionally, we are in the process of expanding our operational area to 500 thousand hectares. This expansion aims to protect and restore larger neighboring forest areas facing significant threats.

Community Empowerment

Beyond the trees, our forest nurtures communities. Through infrastructure development, agroforestry, health initiatives and education programmes, we empower people to thrive.

Habitat Protection

Our forest isn't just a source of timber - it's a sanctuary for rare and endangered species such as leopards and pangolins. With protected areas covering 15% of our concession, we promote biodiversity and protect vital habitats.

Conservation And Community

What We Produce

A Resilient And Sustainable Construction Material

This indigenous resource not only aligns with sustainability goals but also offers a durable and cost-effective alternative to imported pine wood.

Msasa stands as a powerful contributor to both environmental and economic well-being, making it the ideal candidate for widespread adoption in construction projects across the region.

Reliable Construction Timber

By opting for wooden products sourced from responsibly managed forests, you are directly contributing to the preservation of the Miombo forests in Sofala Province. Join us in becoming part of the solution to ensure that future generations can continue to benefit ​from the forest, improving livelihoods, and preserving biodiversity

Our Forest is nurtured by the dedicated team at LevasFlor. Their vigilance ensures traceable and sustainable practices. With expertise in conservation and management, they safeguard nature's treasures, fostering a thriving ecosystem.

Our Team

Discover the passion and expertise behind "Our Forest." Meet the committed individuals ensuring sustainable practices and preserving nature's treasures.

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