Why LevasFlor Hardwoods?

The elegance of unique african hardwoods from the heart of Mozambique


Because we have a newly equipped sawmill, carpentry and drying kilns to guarantee high quality standards for all our products. We provide regular trainings and capacity building for our teams to ensure we deliver the best quality products at competitive prices.


Because it comes from sustainably managed forests, meaning our forest concession should still be there for the grandchildren and great grand-kids of our LevasFlor communities and be able to soak up carbon emissions and keep our air clean for generations to come, as well as a being haven for wildlife.


Because we have a strong commitment towards our neighbouring communities: more than 95% of LevasFlor employees are locally recruited. We ensure that free housing, health, education and entertainment is offered to every singe worker and their relatives.

Levasflor is a Swedish owned, Mozambican Forestry Company with a 16-year history operating in the Sofala province. With a forest concession of 46 000 hectares (114 000 acres) of Miombo woodlands and over 200 employees, we are the only FSC certified company in the Mozambican natural timber industry that holds a certificate in Forest management and chain of custody.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. If you don't get any answer immediately, is because the signal in the forest isn't always perfect! We will revert as soon as possible.

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Av. Mártires da Revolução, nº1718, Macuti, Beira

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Beira (Mozambique) from Mon - Fri, 7:30-19:00

Office: (+258) 842 729 887 / (+258) 879 729 887

Claudia Esteves: (Sales and Compliance)
+258 849 377 941

Nils von Sydow: (CEO)
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