LevasFlor is one of Mozambique’s leading producers for pallets of all kinds. From conventional standard pallets to oversized pallets for heavy duty transport. The customer can choose from a wide range of pallets, or individually design a pallet that suits his product the best.

Apart from sustainability in forestry and production, another reason to buy LevasFlor pallets is the robustness of the product. While conventional pallets are usually made of pine or spruce, we produce pallets from tropical wood that is not suitable for furniture production and has been sorted out. Due to the bad road conditions in Mozambique, pallets made of coniferous wood often break when the truck with the load hits a pothole. This can lead to high costs and damage the goods.
This risk can be minimised by using pallets made of Msasa (Brachystegia spiciformis) from LevasFlor.  

Two alternatives of timber treatment can de used for our pallets:

1) Anti-borer (Bipro ST) dip-treated wood is recommended for warehousing indoors of goods that are not fumigated,  and

2) CCA (Chromated copper arsenate) pressure treated wood recommended for long term use in warehouses with goods that are not fumigated and for storage outdoors.

For all enquiries regarding pallets contact us at:
Phone: +258 87 690 8437