Our St​ory

Established in 2005 as a collaborative effort between the diocese of Lebombo of the Anglican Church of Mozambique and the diocese of Vasterås of the Swedish Church, LevasFlor has navigated a remarkable trajectory towards sustainable and responsible forestry practices.

From the outset, LevasFlor committed to obtaining 100% FSC certification, ensuring that sustainability remained at the core of its operations.

Initially focusing on basic wooden products, LevasFlor gradually diversified its product range, incorporating kiln drying and CCA treatment. Over the span of almost two decades, the company has grown gradually to a workforce of over 240 employees.

Throughout its journey, LevasFlor has faced numerous challenges, including forest fires, financial constraints, and illegal activities. Yet, the organization remains steadfast in its commitment to navigating these obstacles while upholding its principles of sustainability.

Looking forward, LevasFlor continues to embrace its mission, striving to push boundaries and make a lasting impact in the realm of sustainable forestry. As it enters a new chapter, the company remains dedicated to its founding ideals, ensuring that every step forward is a testament to its commitment to sustainability and responsible stewardship. 


Levasflor's Holistic Approach to Community Develop​​ment

Apart from forestry and forestry-related activities, Levasflor takes a holistic responsibility for the people of the region, providing them with health-care, schooling and professional training. More than 30 small and medium sized businesses in Beira and in Muanza and Cheringoma districts have been founded by people that received their training and experience in Levasflor.

LevasFlor Foundation

LevasFlor Foundation is a non – profit organization launched in 2023 that creates and organizes livelihoods for the local communities, including agroforestry, bee-keeping, handicraft, eco-tourism and clean cooking. These shall be small scale units, owned and managed by the local communities. The aim is to create livelihoods for 10K people in the region, relieving pressure on the forest.

Miombo Woodlands

Studies Over The Years

Through co-operation with universities and researchers in Africa, Europe and the US, and through our management team with jointly more than 70 years of experience from Miombo Forest Management, Levasflor is the home of more up-to-date knowledge and experience of sustainable Miombo forestry operations than any other forestry operator in the vast Miombo Woodlands region.

Carbon Sequestration Success and Community Impact

Levasflor’s concession now binds 40% more carbon than neighbouring concessions with the same starting point in 2005. Levasflor has over 200 permanently contracted staff, mainly from the local communities located in and around our concession. This means that paid salaries indirectly benefit around 2.000 people living in this ecosystem, relieving pressure on the forest resources.

What Are Our Core Values?


Elevating Standards

Our commitment to quality extends beyond our well-equipped facilities. Through continuous training and skill development, we guarantee superior craftsmanship, ensuring that every product from LevasFlor embodies the elegance of unique African hardwoods.


Guardians of Future Forests

Rooted in sustainably managed forests, LevasFlor pledges to preserve our concessions for generations to come. Our commitment is not just to the environment but also to the future of our communities, creating a haven for wildlife, absorbing carbon emissions, and maintaining clean air for our descendants.


Empowering Communities

With over 95% of our workforce locally recruited, LevasFlor takes pride in providing more than just employment. We ensure free housing, healthcare, education, and entertainment for every worker and their families. Our commitment goes beyond the workplace, fostering strong bonds within the LevasFlor community.


Setting the Standard

We lead by example. Our Swedish-owned Mozambican Forestry Company, with FSC certifications, stands as a beacon in the industry. From sustainable forest management to fair wages, reforestation efforts, and vigilant anti-illegal logging measures, we set the standard to inspire positive change.


Thriving Nature

Our roots in Mozambique extend to a global vision. Our mission is to enable nature and rural communities to thrive through sustainable forestry practices. By expanding our impact nationwide and beyond, we strive to be a positive change, protecting the world's forests and bringing people and nature together.


Champions of Sustainable Progress

Our commitment goes beyond business. It's a pledge to protect the forests of the world. Through sustainable practices, reforestation initiatives, and proactive fire protection programs, we play a key role in Mozambique's shift to sustainable forestry, contributing to the well-being of the planet.

Our Team

Nils Von Sydow


Sango Taombera

Production Manager

Jaime Couto JR

Operations Manager

Claudia Esteves

Vice Director

Joana João Luís Doce

Finance & Admin Manager

Anabela Raul Diniz Malemia

Environmental Education Officer

Ezekiel Mukondo

Production Manager

Machir Castigo

Forest Officer

Walter Abel

Quality Officer