Challenges to Mozambican Forests

Mozambique's forests face significant pressure and are increasingly threatened by the demand for small-scale slash-and-burn agriculture, expansion of cropland, timber extraction, and charcoal production. These unsustainable practices have resulted in widespread land degradation and the depletion of once-thriving forests. In addition, these challenges are compounded by the effects of climate change, leading to a rise in destructive floods. The extent of forest destruction is alarming, with Mozambique experiencing an annual deforestation rate of 0.79%. This equates to a staggering loss of nearly 267,000 hectares of forest - equivalent to 1,000 football fields - every day.

How You Can Be The Change

Rethink Consumption Patterns

Consumers wield significant influence in shaping our world. By selecting sustainable options and supporting responsible businesses, we can counteract the harmful effects of mass consumption. If we want natural forests in the landscape, we need to prioritize responsibly sourced wood from certified forests. Let's harness our consumer power to promote sustainability and protect our planet's vital ecosystems. Use it or lose it!

Volunteer With Us 

You don't have to travel to Mozambique to make a difference. Get in touch with us, and your skills can be invaluable in our efforts. Whether you're passionate about conservation, fundraising, research, design, product development, marketing, community development, or sustainability, we have opportunities where your help can be greatly appreciated.

Raise Awareness

Let's start talking about the environment! Many of us care deeply about nature, but sometimes we hesitate to share our concerns with friends and family. However, opening up dialogue can be incredibly empowering. By discussing our shared passion for the environment, we can find common ground and explore ways to take action together. Whether it's reducing plastic waste, supporting renewable energy, or advocating for conservation efforts, every conversation can spark positive change. So let's break the silence and join forces to protect the planet we all call home. Together, we can make a difference for nature!

Take Action Now

Share Our Work

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